Laser FAQ : Frequently asked questions

How much does a laser show cost?

Although we provide all types of laser production services, our most basic laser light show for a small event will start at $3000. More powerful lasers, additional projectors, custom creative services and travel costs would all be additional.

Can you bring a laser show to my location?

YES! Epic Lasers is an international company and have provided amazing laser light shows for clients all across Europe, Canada and the USA. No matter the location, we can likely create a custom solution to enhance your event!

Can a laser show be performed outside?

YES! Although indoor laser shows are easier to create, outdoor laser shows are still quite possible. Because laser beam effects are enhanced by haze particles in the air, more powerful lasers and additional large haze generators are often required. Another quite popular option is a laser projection show.

What does a laser show look like?

A laser light show is possibly the most brilliant, saturated, 3 dimensional visual effect known to man. Similar to looking at the sun, what is captured in photos or video pales in comparison to seeing a laser show in real life. That said, you can get a good idea of what is possible in our video gallery.